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When is Madaraka Day?

Madaraka Day is celebrated as a national holiday in Kenya on June 1st. If June 1st falls on a Sunday, the following Monday will be a holiday.

Madraka is the Swahili word for 'power' and Madraka Day is a public holiday that commemorates the day that Kenya took power when it attained internal self-rule in 1963.

History of Madaraka Day

The first colonists from Europe to have a presence in Kenya were German. In 1890, the region came under the control of the Imperial British East Africa Company, and Kenya was part of the British East Africa protectorate from 1895 until it became a British crown colony in 1920.

Disputes over land were common, leading to the Mau Mau rebellion by the Kikuyu people in 1952, which effectively put Kenya into a state of emergency for the next seven years.

The first direct elections took place in 1957, with the Kenya African National Union led by Jomo Kenyatta, an ethnic Kikuyu, forming the first government.

On June 1st 1963, Kenya became a self-governing country when Jomo Kenyatta became the first prime minister.

Full independence from British rule followed on December 12th 1963 when Kenya became an independent nation.

Madaraka Day

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Madaraka Day
Also called Madaraka
Observed by  Kenya
Significance Celebrates Kenya attaining internal self rule
Celebrations Military parades, Festivals
Date 1 June
Next time 1 June 2022
Frequency annual
Related to Independence of Kenya

Madaraka Day ("Internal self rule" or Self-Governance Day) is a national holiday celebrated every 1 June of every year in the Republic of Kenya. It commemorates the day in 1963 that Kenya attained internal self rule after being a British colony since 1920.[1][2][3][4][5][6] Kenya only attain partial independence on this day in 1963 and did not become a fully established republic until about a year and a half later on 12 December 1964. In recognition of the above, Kenya also celebrates Jamhuri Day (Republic Day) on 12th December every year.

Madaraka is a Swahili word for "authority, ruling power". Learn More