Vision, Mission & Values

Our Vision:our vision
To be a leading auto dealer providing customer-friendly services while maximizing all stakeholders interests.

Our Mission: 
To provide guaranteed vehicles at best prices in an atmosphere that exceeds customer's expectation using modern technology, highly skilled and innovative team.

Core Values:

  • Integrity
  • Excellence
  • Professionalism
  • Customer-friendly

At Ele Cars Dealership Ltd, we have worked consistently to ensure we deliver to our customer's satisfaction at every sale. We achieve this through:

  • Maintaining high standards when choosing the Car(s) we offer for sale.
  • Consistently improving our pre-sales and after sales services.
  • Offering you the "BEST" prices
Why Choose Ele Cars Dealership Ltd (ELE CARS)

We start with offering the very best used cars available.
Our cars are clean not only in body condition but also in documentations.
We do our best to keep a great selection of motor vehicles, but if you have your heart set on a car that we don't currently have on the lot, don't worry. We'll find it for you. We know this is an important purchase for you, and we strive to ensure that you are satisfied with our services.
So if you're in Kenya and the larger East African region and you need a great used car, then remember that you won't find a car dealership that's more focused on your needs than Ele Cars Dealership Ltd
One of the directors of Kemu Motors Ltd, Tedd Daniels has worked in Japan in car export/ import business for more than eight years including three and a half years in Tokyo, Japan. This means that we know the whole process of motor vehicles importation from the source, clearing and duty payment, registration, transportation up to the hands of our clients. Remember some unscrupulous clearing agents mess up car importers at the port. Unnecessary delays in clearing cars at the port lead to extra payments in terms of storages. This does not happen to our clients as we do timely clearing and delivery of cars to our esteemed clients. It is also worth noting that  many car exporting companies in Japan are interested in maximizing monthly sales as opposed to maintaining high quality cars. To avoid this, it is advisable to deal with local importers who are accessible in case of any issues concerning vehicles delivered. Many Kenyans have lost and continue to lose colossal amounts of money to phony companies in Japan. These hackers post cars in websites which are too cheap compared to the current market prices. To avoid these scams, do not send your money to companies you do not know well. And more importantly do not send money to personal accounts abroad. Send money to company bank accounts which you know well. Many cars export scams in Japan are quick in communication (emails and telephone calls) but the moment you send the money the contacts including emails cease to exist. At this point the money is lost and it is not easy to recover it even through our Kenyan overseas embassies. Before you send your hard earned money abroad, you must:

  1. Make sure the company abroad is genuine.
  2. Use local importers for professional advice on pricing, quality, time of delivery etc
  3. Make sure you buy the right car in terms of age, power, load capacity and ground clearance, seating capacity etc.

Many motor vehicles buyers continue to buy overprices cars because of lack of proper ground work.  Direct imports are cheaper and superior to local stocks. Why spend more!  Contact Ele Cars Dealers and you will not regret, we will take care of your motor vehicle needs. We know that to serve humanity is to serve God. Many overage cars are time and again destroyed at the port of Mombasa by the government. Do not fall victim of this.